Fresh Simple Five is Here!

As promised, a new project is here! Today I’ve launched my new blog, Fresh Simple Five. It’s all about eating fresh foods, creating simple recipes, mostly with five ingredients or less. From now on, you will find me posting there.

Hope you check it out (and update your blog readers!)


Under Construction

As you may have noticed, I haven’t posted anything to the blog in a while. Part of it is because time has been short, part of it is because I’m starting to work on something new!

For a good amount of time now, I’ve felt like this blog has lacked direction and wasn’t really what I wanted it to be. So I’ve decided to take some time away and really give it some thought. I have a handful of new ideas which include a new name, a new site concept and more recipes!

I’m hoping to get something going this summer, but I also don’t want to rush anything. I feel like I started blogging last time without any plans, without any intentions and I want this time to be different. I hope you’ll come back and see what’s next.

That being said, Conscious Kitchen will remain what it is for now and all previous content will be available.

To stay up-to-date on what’s happening, feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks for your support and talk with you soon!

Strawberry Mint Juleps

20140502-075206.jpgTrue story: the first item I added to my bucket list was attend the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. As a sucker for anything Southern and pretty dresses, I know it’s a must do. While I haven’t made it there yet, this year I’ll at least be celebrating at a racetrack. Oh and drinking mint juleps!

Until last weekend, I’d also never had a mint julep. I know… pump. the. brakes. Anyway, I’m a problem solver, so I decided to make my own. Though I admittedly don’t have much (or anything) to compare them to, I think they turned out pretty good.


I decided to add strawberries to mix because, well, why not? The berries added a little bit of sweetness, which I enjoy in my bourbon drinks. The “recipe” is below. I’ve included the measurements I used, but you could very easily adjust to your own taste. Hope you enjoy!

Do you like mint juleps? Have you ever been to the Kentucky Derby?

This Week

Happy Monday morning! I’m just popping in real quick to share this week’s eats and exercise plans. We had a pretty full weekend and I wasn’t feeling too well last night, so nothing too long today.

A few highlights from the weekend – it was a boozy one! We tried beer flights at a craft beer bar in the area on Saturday night. I really enjoyed being able to try five different beers and have just a little taste of each.

craft beer flights

Craft beer flights (shared)

Sunday, in honor of the Kentucky Derby this upcoming weekend, I decided to make mint juleps (recipe to come later this week!). I’d never had one before and since we’ll be celebrating the Derby at a local race track, it only seemed appropriate to get in the spirit.

This upcoming week is all about the beginning of half marathon training and clearing out the freezer/cabinets. I’ll be adding speed workouts to my running routine (I’m trying to improve my half time) and cooking less thanks to previously frozen meals. All of this paired with the fact classes are winding down for the semester, should add up to a good week.


Monday: Mariano’s chicken pot pie & fruit

Tuesday: Greek yogurt mac n cheese with spinach (freezer meal)

Wednesday: Lentil and spinach soup (freezer meal)

Thursday: Shrimp stir fry

Friday: Eating from the freezer again, BBQ leftovers!


Monday: Active rest (foam rolling, stretching)

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: Speed training at the gym

Thursday: 3 mile run + strength training

Friday: Live music yoga

Saturday: 4.5 -5 mile run

Sunday: Strength training at the gym

Athleta Spring & Summer Must-Haves

Move over, Lululemon.

Athleta must haves spring summer 2014

Tank | Shorts | Tee | Sweatshirt

Actually, Lulu, if you’ll just slide over to make room for some of these Athleta products. Please don’t take my running crops away. As you’re probably gathering, Lululemon gear takes up some space in my closet. I love their products… I do not love their price tag. While I think their running crops are worth every single penny, the tees, tanks and shorts I’m not completely sold on.

Lately, in order to cure my craving for cute, functional and more moderately priced workout wear, I’ve been stalking the Athleta website. Admittedly I’ve been hesitant to order anything because I really don’t know what size I am in their products. However, they just opened a store at the mall by us and I’ve been itching to check it out. Hopefully I can score one or more of the products above.

What’s your favorite workout wear?